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What if better snacking started here?

Regardless of company size or budget, we have an office snack solution that's right for your employees.

You don't know all the taste of your employees?
Don't worry! Orbitbox is designed for discovery!
We help you find the next snacks for your employees.

Healthy & Delicious

Tasty snacks always made with real ingredients and no added sugar or chemicals. Gluten-free, kosher and low sugar options available.

Convenient Delivery

Easy delivery means you’ll never have an empty cupboard situation. Pause or stop anytime.

Monthly Snack Rotation

Rest assured, you will always get the office faves, while we work to surprise and delight you.

Save Time & Money

No more reorder reminders or harried shopping. We do the tastiness-curation, healthy-verification, and the heavy lifting for you.

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Less than 1€/employee/day

How it works?

You want the confidence of knowing the crew is fueling on nutritionist-verified snacks and breakfast goodies, the simplicity of one-stop ordering and the convenience of snacks being delivered to the office door? Here’s how that works when you partner with Orbitbox:

Sign Up

Sign Up

Select your staff size, snack and drink combo and note any dietary preferences.

Source & Deliver

We curate a nutritionist-approved collection of awesome products and deliver right to your office—monthly.

Rate & Review

After each delivery, vote what the office loved to help us customize your next Snack Box Delivery.


Keep your team fuelled and amplify their productivity with healthier food. If you care about your Team, they will take care of your customers.

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Office Culture

Who says you can’t buy happiness? It’s like Christmas Morning every time the box arrives. Boost morale and make employees feel cared for.

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Great Prices

Save 40% off retail prices on premium snacks. Plus avoid the expense of having employees schlep to the store to buy snacks.

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What do you get?
Delight your employees with these delicious snacks.

You will find a variety of snacks inside your box, which half of them will rotate every month. You can expect delicious chocolate, unique crisps, tasty super foods, cookies and of course other delicious snacks!

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Healthy Snacks

Snack smarter and increase your productivity by eating not only healthy but also delicious snacks during your busy daily schedule.

Protein Bars

Feeling peckish? Fight your little mid-afternoon craving for a sweet treat with one of our tasty bars. But don’t worry, we have got you covered with well-known brands

Healthier Chips

We know your afternoon can be long and dragging… But don’t worry, we have got you covered with well-known brands such as Kale chips, Late July, Amazing organic chips and many other mouthwatering products.

Nuts & Dried Fruits

To get you through your long day, you sometimes just need a re-energizing snack to keep you focused. Superfoods, such as walnuts, quinoa, beef jerky, almonds are the best remedy to keep you on top of things.

Healthier Biscuits

Next time you crave a little refreshment, skip the vending machine and grab one of these delicious snacks instead and boost your immune system and your hunger.

Customized for you

Just let us know if you have any particular preferences and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

Your Benefits

Keep your team happy

Let us fuel your employees with healthy snacks and in return, you save time, money and the convenience of not needing to run to the store.

Avoid office snack fatigue

Healthy companies need healthy minds to support them. Snack smarter and increase teamwork and maintain a healthier company culture.

Never go over budget again

At Orbitbox we like to keep things simple. Enjoy our transparent, affordable pricing & we make it easy to bring healthier snacks to your office.

We connect you with over 3000 premium office snacks brands

Raise the snack bar

Sweet or savory, vegan or gluten free, there’s snacks to suit every taste and diet, no matter how picky your office is. Everything is made with simple, high quality ingredients and tastes amazing too!

Natural Ingredients

We believe that ingredients should be made from nature, not in a lab. That's why we never use or curate ingredients like artificial flavours and colours, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils. It’s a difference you can taste and a standard you can feel!

Fit Every Diet

We don't have one snack fits all policy! We know that people have different tastes and have selective diets and allergies. From vegan to gluten free, paleo, non-GMO, and beyond - we have you covered.

You Order. We Deliver

All you have to do is select you team size and plan. We handle the rest. With free shipping and free kitchen set up, we want to make your snacking experience as easy as it can be.

Fuel For A Better Office

We believe in a world where snacks can do more than just get you through your afternoon sugar slump. Our mission is to promote wellness and reduce stress by providing delicious, healthier snacks delivered directly to your office. Everyone should have access to heathy products.

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