Energize Your Employees With Delicious & Healthier Snacks

Reduce absenteeism - Increase Productivity -
Build Healthy Culture

Choose the Perfect Snackbox to suits your employees need.

Upgrades are as simple as installing new plugins.

12-months Care Box

Delicious Natural Snacks, with free from refined sugars and additives.

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3-months Care Box

Better-for-you snacks rich in protein to energize your team

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Office Snacks

Keep your team full of motivated during their office hour with healthier snacks.

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Here's what forward-thinking employees have to say

Jennie R

" One word: convenience!
They helped us discover new snacks and they also offer vegan & gluten free treats. This is a no brainer for other companies."

Dylan B.

"The variety and the monthly changing snacks keeps our staff and this one addition to our employees wellness program has a noticeable impact on moral and culture."

Tom R.

" Just a small feedback regarding the initial order: our staff here in Paris absolutely love it & now our remote engineers get their chance to taste the snacks too. Thanks guys, amazing job!"

Ana F.

" With some food option in our neighbourhood being closed, this is a perfect alternative and they change monthly, which makes it even more amazing."

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